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Solid Conditioner Bar

Solid Conditioner Bar

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Ditch the bulky, slippery plastic conditioner bottle.

Expect a 1.75 ounce conditioner bar to last 50 uses, depending on how much you apply, hair thickness, and frequency of use. A standard 8 ounce bottle of regular conditioner would last someone about 20 washes or so, using less than half an ounce each time. Some users report their bars are lasting 5 months+.

It rinses clean, with no product buildup, ever.

I have two formulas at this time.
I switch between the two occasionally, but prefer the more conditioning one currently for my color treated hair.

Formula 1: Hydrating. Features more active conditioning components and a light soothing lavender sage aroma. Perfect for dry, long, tangled or color treated/compromised hair.

Formula 2: Lighter conditioning. Has slightly less conditioning actives and has a sweet orange aroma. Better suited for fine or normal hair who doesn't struggle with excessive dryness or damage. Reduces static and frizz, without weighing your hair down.


Replaces plastic conditioner bottles
Fully Compostable