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Compost Bin - 0.8 Gallons - Black

Compost Bin - 0.8 Gallons - Black

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This sleek stainless steel countertop compost bin comes with a charcoal filter that is inserted on the underside of the lid to keep any food odor contained. Once your bin is full, simply transfer your food scraps to your outdoor compost or take it to your nearest drop off location!  Check out this guide for a list of places in the US that you can drop off at!

Special Instructions



We recommend cleaning your compost bin with soap and water each time you empty it. It is recommended that you replace the filter about every 3-5 months but you can easily remove the filter and rinse as needed. 
Why it matters



It is estimated that 30-40% of all food is wasted in the US each year. Rotting food, that sits in our landfills, releases a toxic green house gas emission called methane. By composting our food scraps not only will you avoid creating additional methane but you can use the finished "black gold" for your garden or indoor plants!