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Mum’s Freeze Pops

Growing up my mum used to seemingly always have delicious homemade freeze pops in the house. Oddly enough, she used jell-o and koolaid. I say odly because we weren’t allowed to drink koolaid!

the Jell-o is what makes these extra delicious! Remember, when making a sweet that you are going to freeze, it won’t taste as sweet once frozen. If you taste it and it’s overly sweet, don’t dilute it too much! 


1 6g packet if koolaid 

1 3oz box of same flavor jell-o

3/4 cup white sugar 

2 cups boiling water 

2 cups cold water 

Mix all ingredients together and pour into freeze pop molds leaving a little headspace for when the liquid expands. Leave 4-6 hours in freezer! Enjoy!!