Free shipping on all US orders above $50

How to Purchase Zefiro Products as a Wholesaler

  1. Go to to create a wholesale account

  2. Create an account

    zero waste wholesale login
  3. Fill out your information


zero waste wholesale form

4. You will receive an activation email in your email. 

5. Click "Activate your account"


6. Create a password. Click on "Activate Account"

7. Click on "View Quick Order Form" to view list of wholesale products.

8. Type in the quantity needed. A minimum order of $150 is required to access wholesale prices. 

9. Click "Update Cart" to save your items and then click on "View Chart" to checkout your items.

10. Click on "Checkout"

11. Double check your Shipping Address. Click on "Checkout" 



12. Thank you for your purchase! Your invoice will be sent to you.